Wednesday, April 23, 2014

lemon lime.

(Lemon-lime shirt - Etsy, Striped top - Forever 21, Leather runner shorts - Topshop, Metallic Bronze slip-ons - Vans)

I know that I've been gone for the longest time but it has been very hard to find time to blog! Sometimes you have those days where you know you should get it done, but never get around to doing it. I finally was able to take a few quick pictures with this silk shirt I bought while perusing Etsy; I'm not sure I like it 100%, since it is really bright in person, but wanted to take it out for a spin before I decide whether or not it has a permanent space in my closet.

I also upgraded my vans slip-ons to these SHINY bronze ones, and I feel like it's one step up from the usual ones I used to wear before this. Now I don't have to feel so casual when I wear them. Yay! P.S. - I just realized that I have three posts in a row with these leather shorts. Good job, me! Getting your money's worth :P

Saturday, April 5, 2014

tiles, carousels, mint walls.

(Faux leather sleeve parka - Lamb & Flag, scarf - Forever 21, rose tights - Forever 21, leather runner shorts - Topshop, quilted bag - Vintage)

Thought I'd be a bit old school today and took my instax out for a spin. Here are some random snaps that I made my boyfriend take for me while we walked around in the sunny weather! He was obviously a bit confused when I wanted to take a picture with a mint green wall, but artistic vision doesn't have to be understood...right? ;P

Friday, March 14, 2014

bell flowers.

(Silk embroidered top - Opening Ceremony, leather runner shorts - Topshop, boots - Steve Madden)

Some of the newest additions to my closet that I haven't had a chance to photograph yet. I purchased the shorts a month ago after spotting it on the Topshop website. After realizing that I had always wanted a pair of leather shorts (haha), I decided to go for it. They have a elasticated waist and are extremely comfortable to wear, which usually means that it was a great decision to purchase it.

This top! If I could wax poetic about it, I would. I spotted it on Need Supply for almost 1/3rd of the original price and had to snap it right up. The embroidery actually reminds me of the Phillip Lim pieces I recently mentioned (and will probably continue to mention, seeing as how I've brought it up again already) and has a lovely grey sheen to it. I'm so very glad that I decided to take the plunge and purchase it! I did also purchase another GORGEOUS top but unfortunately returned it as I didn't quite like the fit...I'm still telling myself that it was a good decision, because even clothes that fit slightly off don't get worn as much.

Okay, back to work! I just had to gush about today's outfit and now I must get back to doing studious things like I should be doing. Happy Friday! :)

P.S. That picture of me leaning awkwardly? I thought it was funny and now you can laugh at it, too. You're welcome!

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

3.1 phillip lim Spring 2014 + zara inspirations

(Pictures courtesy of and Zara)

When I first looked at Phillip Lim's S/S 2014 collection, I gave a little internal scream. The geode-inspired pieces are quirky and delicate in just the right way. Of course, whenever I look at collections and start to drool over them, I realize that most of the pieces are way out of my price range. Are you like me and want to wear colorful rocks on your body? Thankfully, Zara came through with the perfect alternative to your geode-haunted sartorial dreams. The next best thing to actually wearing geodes, which can head you towards rocky (hahahaha) fashion territory.

You can purchase the Zara sweatshirt here!

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Affordable thrill: Scalloped Shorts

(Pictures courtesy of Forever 21)

Late night online window shopping equals finding something that is cute and affordable! At only $8.80, add a pop of bright color to your wardrobe without breaking the bank. I'm really digging the little notch in the front..reminds me of a similar pair of shorts I spotted on Topshop! You can shop this under-10dollars-steal here!

Friday, February 21, 2014

lace on lace.

(Lace embroidered top - Urban Outfitters *on sale here!*, Cutwork lace skirt - Topshop, Mini M.A.C. - Rebecca Minkoff, socks - Forever 21, Shoes - Vagabond)

Say hello to my lace and pastel explosion. Picked up this top over a month ago and now it's on sale, whereas it had stayed stashed in my drawer until now. Oh well :( I thought that the lace work on the top would play up the lace on the skirt..and here is the combo. It also helps that it is the perfect shade of pale lavender!

I'm quite loving the pastel-on-pastel tone of my outfit...even though pastels may seem like you're trying to be an easter egg, I feel like the lace in the outfit gives the perfect amount of delicacy to the overall look. Fashion is all about taking risks, right? ;)

Right after I took these photos I noticed that my skirt had some unfortunate discoloring, probably due to my negligence on placing it on a dusty surface. UGH. I washed it immediately and now I am hoping that no permanent damage is done! Here's to hoping that my skirt (currently drying on a hanger, not risking any solid surface now) comes out relatively unscathed from the ordeal.

School things are currently about to swallow me whole, so I apologize in advance if there aren't any new posts for awhile. I am making an effort, though! I really am!

Wednesday, February 12, 2014


(Embroidered kimono jacket - Urban Outfitters, Top - Forever 21, Necklace - Forever 21, Asymmetrical print skort - Topshop (gift from the bf ♥), Shoes - Vagabond)

Only after these photos were taken were the words, "Why is my hair so puffy?!" uttered. I swear it wasn't like that this morning..or maybe it was, because it could have been like this all day. It's a reminder that my hair desperately needs a haircut.

Some new pieces to my wardrobe that I get to share! This kimono jacket was something I drooled over when it was added to the UO website and stores, and I scored it during one of the '50% off all sale' sales they were having. Patience is a virtue. I know sometimes I am quite impatient and buy things full price anyway, but for some things that you like but don't want to pay a pretty penny for...sales are your best friends. This skort was also a Christmas gift from the lovely SO (that I hardly mention here, but should I? :P) that I picked up when I went to Topshop to exchange another gift that I'd ordered online. I think it was quite a great decision. When I went to get it, there weren't any in my size...until a sales associate walked by and placed the skort (IN MY SIZE!!) on the rack. So, long story short, home with me it went.

Also, pouty faces and slouchiness. Don't slouch or you'll look incredibly awkward in photos, as evidenced above.