Sunday, December 11, 2011

spontaneous days are fun!

Eeep. Hello, hello! :)

I meant to post this yesterday but there was too much to I am making up for it today. Yeah! My friend Emily and I spontaneously headed to Santa Monica but ended up at the Getty Villa and Malibu instead. It was sosososo beautiful, and I am quite glad that we decided (albeit spontaneously) to go!

The Getty Villa houses a few collections of ancient artifacts. It was quite stunning to see all the Greek and Roman marble busts, jewelry, coins, armour, and other antiquities. Not to mention the landscaping...

It was somewhat warm for a December day so I decided to finally wear out my Topshop velvet bustier that I ordered weeks ago. When I first got it, it was reaaaally really tight. I managed to wear it despite this, though ;) I have learned my lesson and will be ordering a size up from Topshop next time. Oops!

Jacket - from Korea
Lace top - Urban Outfitters
Bustier top - Topshop
Cherry-coloured denim - Forever 21
Wedges - Jeffrey Campbell

We stopped on our way back on a random stretch of beach, where we proceeded to take lots of photos. It was fun. It was also very windy and cold, and I was crazy enough to take my jacket off. What can I say, I live life on the edge :'D

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