Friday, December 28, 2012

I want you to rock me.

(Sunglasses - Prada, baroque print sweater - Christmas gift from S!, jeans - Forever 21)

Hope everyone had a great Christmas holiday! I am finally posting with one of the gifts I received from my friends! I saw this jumper a couple of months ago and knew that I had to have it. Thanks, S! :P I left a good amount of my clothes back at school so I had limited options as to how to style this, so I will definitely be more creative next time!

Also, it's quite uncanny how well it matches these sunglasses. I think they were made for each other. Matchy matchy!

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Thakoon Addition Pre-Fall 2013

(Images courtesy of

Can I just comment on how difficult it was to choose five looks to make a montage out of?! I've always loved Thakoon Addition, as referenced by a previous post somewhere in my archives, but this Pre-Fall 2013 collection blows everything out of the water. Every look is cool, quirky, and comfortable at the same time, something that pulls at my heartstrings.

I do honestly think that my warddrobe choices will now be heavily influenced by this collection! Check out the whole collection (and other amazing Pre-Fall collections) at! :)

Friday, December 21, 2012

i can change your life.

(Sunglasses - Prada, striped top - random brand from Korea, shorts - Mink Pink)

Why, hello there! This post is a little weather-confusing, but it was warm enough to wear shorts AND to shoot beautiful photos at the of the better days this week! My friends and I finally had the chance to have a mini shoot originally planned with flower crowns...but when we found that it was $85 for one crown (!!), we decided to purchase these lovely gerbera daisies instead. Aren't they colorful? :)

Hope you're enjoying the holiday downtime! Have fun and enjoy all the lovely holiday cheer in the air before it's gone...:P

Saturday, December 8, 2012

galactic girl.

(Blazer and trousers - Topshop at Nordstrom)

It's December already! I apologize for my non-activeness but it is now the beginning of finals week and I should be diligently focused on academics. I know cosmic prints were my obsession this time last year but this pantsuit combo by Topshop makes me wonder if I could pull it off...

Thursday, November 22, 2012

happy things.

(Bunny sweater - Forever 21, shorts - Rotsaniyom, creepers - Steve Madden)

Home for the Thanksgiving holidays and I finally have time to update with a ~proper~ outfit post! It's rather haphazardly put together, but I really, really wanted to wear these shorts...

Hope you are all enjoying delicious food and good company! Happy Thanksgiving :)

Monday, November 19, 2012

that time of year again.

What time of year? One of the twice-yearly occasions where you can beg your friends and family to purchase material things for you. Ahh, holidays! Of course, holidays aren't only about material things and conspicuous spending...but you cannot deny the sparkle you get in your eyes when you think of giving things to other people. Anyway! Here are some things that are on my wishlist of sorts...

Clockwise from left to right: 1. Jeffrey Campbell Everly. I am still a little obsessed with metal accented heels, and this bootie is everything and more. Cut-outs? Straps? You had me at hello.
2. Secret Garden Dress. This dress! I will most likely wear a bustier top under this, as I'm not gutsy enough to rock a black bralette...
3. Pearl Embellished Sweat. Ahh, Topshop! You constantly make me crave your amazingly cool pieces. Embellishment? The comfort of a sweatshirt? Count me in. A bonus is the amazing baroque detail...sooo pretty. Please find your way into my closet?
4. Lion's Head choker. Another Topshop beauty on my list, except from Nordstrom this time! Perfect statement necklace to get my outfits to roar ;)
5. Dior Addict Extreme in Riviera. I am finally making my lipstick obsession apparent. I just don't know why, it's the only thing I will wear on a daily basis. This one is a pretty coral shade from what I can see, so pretty!
6. Stolen Girlfriends Club Kriss Kross dress. Another SGC item I am in love with. Oh, SGC, why do you do this to me? It's on sale, so it's much more budget friendly! Really! How can you not love the detail on this seemingly simple black dress?

These are some of my top wishlist items and I hope you've enjoyed seeing them! Remember, the holiday season means giddiness and drinking too much Starbucks holiday flavor coffees..

Friday, November 9, 2012

one year old.

Today marks the first birthday of An Ace Affair! It's been an interesting ride and I am truly grateful for all of the people who have journeyed with me so far :) Thank you! I would also like to thank the various friends who have helped in taking awkward photos of me for the sake of this blog.

Here's to another year (and more!) of sartorial obsessions and fangirl commentary! <3

Thursday, November 8, 2012

inverted commas.

(Picture courtesy of Inverted Commas!)

I don't know about you, but beautiful illustrations always tug at my heart strings. Imagine my delight when I happened upon INVERTED COMMAS' beautiful Etsy shop! I'm a bit obsessed with the Miss Deer pretty. So, if you're on the market for a functional tote bag to carry your things in, I'd highly recommend killing two birds with one stone by buying one of these bags.

1. They have beautiful illustrations on them.
2. They can carry all your things.

Even if you've already purchased one too many things (like me!!) and cannot splurge again this month, bookmark the site!

You can also find INVERTED COMMAS on Twitter or Facebook. :)

Monday, November 5, 2012

photo cube.

Clockwise from left: Roommate's lovely red roses, creepers!!, Topshop shirt I'm sort-of-kind-of obsessed with, Me being a weird cat with my H&M beanie.

Here are some random instagram shots that I feel are reflective of my not-so-interesting daily life. :)

Sunday, November 4, 2012

shades of blue.

(Colorblocked blue shirt - Topshop, tank - Forever 21, shorts - American Eagle, Shoes - Steve Madden, bag - Rebecca Minkoff)

Currently my favourite shirt in my wardrobe. :) It's so soft and blue and I love it! The oversized-ness of the shirt does mean that shorts get hidden out of sight, but...regardless, I consider it an excellent purchase.

Happy November! It's that time of year again. Even though the weather is unusually warm (again) and does not show it, the return of holiday flavors at coffee shops and ~holiday spirit~ is making me excited. I can finally start to layer sometime soon! Hurray!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

everybody talks.

(Top & socks - Forever 21, shorts - Stolen Girlfriends Club, shoes - Messeca 'Arthur')
Photos by Sarah! Thanks so much! MEOW.

I know I promised a ~proper~ outfit post, so here it is. It's been 23084203894 days (not literally) since I have been in front of the camera and not behind it, so please excuse my less-than-flattering facial expressions. I know that you won't judge me. Right?! Right.

I have actually worn this outfit ONCE before...but I have no shame. So, I wore it again as it is currently one of my favourite combinations. I want to wear these SGC chiffon shorts to death, but they are quite delicate and will probably start to disintegrate from my obsessive love.

Do you remember reading my post on ~comfortable~ shoes way back when? Well, my Messeca oxfords were purchased around that time. Though there is a SLIGHT heel, there is no problem stomping around the stairs and hills of uni...partly because the rose-gold plate can blind people. It is AWESOME. People stare at me quite oddly and I'd like to think it is because of my cooler-than-cool shoes.

So, there you have it! My first legitimate outfit post at university. And there will be more to come, promise! I'm thinking of doing a series where I will style a particular piece multiple times..should I? Let me know! Enjoy your web surfing!

Monday, October 22, 2012

season switch.

(Silk button-up - Trouvé, skirt - H&M, boots - Steve Madden)

Found some ~unreleased~ photos from my archives that I have not posted here are some to share :) If the background looks familiar, they were taken on the same day as this post here. You can see the remnants of my super long, super burgundy-red hair! That is how you know these photos are old. Okay, enjoy my weirdness. Good night!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

proper autumn weather.

Slowly decreasing temperatures mean that I finally get to wear long sleeves, tights, sweaters, and cozy scarves! It also means that there is temptation to add things to my ever-growing wardrobe that I will try my best to resist. :P

A proper outfit post will come next time, I pinky promise!! I probably broke this promise a hundred fold already :(

Saturday, October 6, 2012

poppy & datura

(Stolen Girlfriends Club t-shirt dress in poppy and datura)

I am in love with these t-shirt dresses from Stolen Girlfriends Club. Collection after collection they manage to make me wish their pieces into my wardrobe! I am infinitely saddened that the Day Garden print dress sold out before I could get my hands on them, so I will definitely try to incorporate these somehow. Bye bye, money.

Friday, September 28, 2012

shoe dilemmas.

(From left to right- Miista, Miista, Senso "Sophia")

So a recent dilemma that I have run into is proper choice of footwear. Since I am constantly running down/up hilly terrain and/or stairs, practical shoes are a choice to save my poor, poor feet from suffering. I may or may not have suffered various painful situations for me to have come to this conclusion. Though I am quite happy about the abundance of built-in exercise that uni provides me, I dread walking great distances with painful shoes.

Therefore, I have been perusing the internet quite obsessively to find the most stylish FLAT (up to two inches, *cough*) shoes available for painless walking. Miista's amazing amazing AMAZING brogues do just that. It is currently something I drool over, because I haven't yet been able to justify spending a pretty penny on them. Commence heart-wrenching sobs now. The blush-pink Senso boots are also really versatile, and looks like it won't be *too* painful to wear around campus.

Hi, I sound like a shoe addict. I probably am.

Friday, September 21, 2012

hello and goodbye!

I'm still alive!! Just returned from my 13-day whirlwind trip to Korea, where I spent most of the time visiting family. I wish that I had more time to visit all of the places I wanted to go, but overall am very pleased to visit for the first time in three years!

I now I have less than a day until I move to UCLA and await the semester's start. Eep. Until I can put up a ~proper~ post, enjoy this lovely photo I snapped while in Korea! :)

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Karen Walker Resort 2013

(All photos credit to

I'm really late in posting Resort wear because the showings were in June, but...oh well. Here are a few looks from Karen Walker's Resort 2013 line! I love the color palette of blues, whites and the hint of coral and pink. As you can see, florals and head-to-toe print matching/mixing is still a viable option...which means that if you haven't tried it enough already, there will be plenty of time to do so! I'm thinking that I should try matching prints this time. We'll see.

I've always loved Karen Walker and love seeing each season's offerings! Her sunglasses are quirky in all the right ways, yet I haven't been able to get my hands on a pair. They're a bit pricey for this college student at the moment :( She has a Made in Kind collaboration with Anthropologie at the moment, so go check it out!

p.s. Added the Bloglovin' widget! It should show up to your left...if you want to be notified of future posts by yours truly, you can sign up! Thank you for your interest <3

Friday, August 24, 2012

it's the getty style.

(Silk blouse - thrifted, shorts - MINK PINK, boots - BedStu, bag - Rebecca Minkoff, bracelets - Urban Outfitters)

If you couldn't tell, the title of this blog post is my, uh, twist on Gangnam Style. Remind me not to listen to it while I am trying to think of a name for a blog post, because inevitably what has occurred here will happen. Oops.

Went to the Getty museum with friends for the first time in 10 years (for me, at least!) and it was as beautiful as I remembered. Not only does it provide a very fun ~tram ride~ up to the museum itself, but it also has breathtaking views of Los Angeles and the surrounding area! The central garden is also a must visit, as it has beautiful arrangements of flowers and provides a nice place to snap pictures. Yay!

Fortunately, it was not as hot as I thought it would be and the blouse I wore served me well. Apparently I was dressed for a safari? I don't know how practical my shorts would be while adventuring, but I guess the combination evokes that.

We wrapped up the day staring at the beautiful view of LA lights at the Griffith Observatory...and I hope you enjoy the picture spam I am sharing with you :)