Sunday, January 29, 2012


Good morning/afternoon/evening! (:

I finally had the opportunity to have a fun day out with friends after so many weeks. This also means proper outfit pictures. Yeah!! (A big thank you to my lovely friends for being my photographers. Muah <3)

It was a fun day filled with lots of food (cajun fries, Sprinkles cupcakes, bread bowls, gelato...yum!) and laughter and fun. The weather was absolutely GORGEOUS as well, and I'm sure it added to the mood. I can't wait for another adventure!

The bread bowl. MM. Courtesy of Boudin bakery ;)

(Vest and lace maxi - Forever 21, necklace - Etsy, Sheer black top - Shakuhachi, bracelet - Brandy & Melville)

I finally got to wear out new items from my wardrobe today and they were quite lovely! The top is from a recent haul from Urban Outfitters, something I snagged at $5.99! I am definitely pleased with the purchase and the fact that I finally own something from Shakuhachi. Too bad they keep coming out with new items that I like. Oh well? :P Here's a better picture!

I am also awaiting more packages, in which one is a new camera lens. I can't wait to test it out. Then I have many many packages of textbooks, an order of beads...yikes.

Have a lazy, relaxing day! Enjoy yourselves.


  1. The weather looks like a great time to be out and about with some friends. Nice outfit, I definitely can't pull off the skirt but you did it well and great deal on that shirt. I rarely find any good deals at UO when I decided to pop in.

    1. Thanks very much! :)

      And the sales online are way better than the stores (usually), and that's where I ordered my top!