Sunday, January 8, 2012

floaty bedjackets & art museums.

Yesterday, we (meaning my friends and always) went on a little LA excursion. The plan was to go to LACMA, Umami Burger, Pershing Square, and Urth Caffe..buuuut getting lost meant that we went only to LACMA and Pershing Square. Oh well? That leaves another excursion for another time, so no complaints there!

Anyway...LACMA. I had such a fun time relishing all the different pieces and artwork on display, especially the Rodarte collection! If anyone has the chance to go, please do! The dresses are exquisite. And so are their regular collections. :)

Here is a random sampling of the installations available to view! I didn't get close enough to note the titles or the artists, however...oops.

Flashing signs are always awesome.

Have I ever mentioned how obsessed I am becoming with embellishments and embroidery? I've caught myself on Etsy and Urban Outfitters and various other sites looking at beaded and embroidered things. I want it allll. This particular piece greeted me as we stepped off the elevator to see the Rodarte collection.

(Tulle embroidered bedjacket - Forever 21, Tank - Forever 21, Necklaces - Etsy and Alex & Chloe for Forever 21, Jeans - Paige, Boots - Steve Madden)

See that rose?! HOW ON EARTH IS IT TALLER THAN ME. Well, it is a print...but still.

Here's an amusing picture of me to end this post. Have a wonderful day/night! :)