Wednesday, January 25, 2012


The weather is WEIRD. But it's beautiful outside and I get to wear things without obscuring them with jackets, so...I should be thankful!

School has started and I am already floundering in work. Not to mention the fact that most my classes this semester will have research papers. That should be fun.

Please ignore the fact that I am the probably the awkward-est (it's not a word but oh well...) person on this planet. That being said, feel free to laugh. :)

(Mesh crop top - Urban Outfitters, tank - Forever 21, shorts - Urban Outfitters)

I should actually hire my own personal photographer or something! It's terrible when you have to rely on a self-timer. Also, these shorts!! I am in love. I want more. Yes, I am aware that I sound quite greedy. I am sorry.

The beading!! Look at its wonderful floral and shininess!

I am desperately awaiting the mail, because I have 0284203984 things that should come to me over the next few days. Including an awesome deal that I snagged...which will have its own dedicated post. Teehee. Until then!

Thanks so much for reading <3


  1. Ah! Cute outfit, can I be in love with your shorts with you!? The detailing is so pretty, it looks like lace and the scallop edges just add to my love for them too!

    Don't you wait hating for packages! I get super anxious too but once I get all of them I get sad I have no more goodies coming my way.

    BTW good luck on this semester and those killer research papers, I'm glad I'm taking a little break from school right now.

  2. i loving the details on your outfit, very chic and cute!
    CMPang x