Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Excuse the all-caps pleasantries, I don't know why I am so excited at the moment. I digress. The awesome Australian brand MINK PINK is currently holding a contest! The grand prize winner will receive $2000 cash and a $500 MINK PINK wardrobe.

So of course I entered (who wouldn't?! It's Mink Pink!!) and I need your help, dear readers (or browsers, whichever one you are).

If you would be kind enough to vote for my entry here, I would really appreciate it!

As always, thank you for following/reading/looking at/ accidentally clicking on my blog. :)

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Starships were meant to fly!

(Sheer lace and chiffon top - Shakuhachi, tank - Forever 21, shorts - Urban Outfitters, bag - Urban Outfitters, shoes - Jeffrey Campbell Cuffed)

So in an earlier adventure post I wrote that I didn't get to go to Urth Caffe, nor to Umami Burger. Today I managed to go to both places at once! It seems like I blog about food a lot...but you know, eating is such a social thing. The lattes and cappuccinos at Urth were so pretty! It was hard for me to drink mine, but...I'm kinda-sorta-definitely addicted to coffee. It was pretty good. The place was also full of orchids and I managed to take pictures of most of them. I really don't know how that happened...

So these shorts are a part of the three pairs(!) that I bought in the last few weeks. Yes, yes, I know. I am on a shorts kick. What can I say? They're just so comfortable to wear, and when the weather starts heating up I'm sure they'll be all that I'm going to be wearing. See how I rationalize my purchases? Sigh. I couldn't resist these, though! They have this velvet and lace accent on the sides...which you can't see in the photos. Oops.

I love fun days like these. It's late. Goodnight. <3

Sunday, February 19, 2012

you cast a spell on me.

(Ombre denim jacket - Forever 21, striped shirt - Urban Outfitters, black hi-low skirt - some store on Melrose, boots - Steve Madden)

I made DIY bokeh filters and had a little (too much) fun with them! I want to get paper punches and try different shapes. I wonder if they will work?

The pictures were taken when it was VERY VERY windy outside, which accounts for all the dramatic skirt-blowing pictures and windswept hair. Oh, and that picture where my arm is at a weird freaky angle? Sorry. Being double-jointed at the elbow will do that. ;)

I never really purchased denim items (save for jeans...of course), but this jacket was too cool to resist. The ombre fade makes it a little bit more difficult to style, but it is a fun piece to wear. I just need to be a little more creative!

I am a bit obsessed with all things Shakuhachi/Stolen Girlfriends Club at the moment...and it is taking all of my self control not to splurge. Maybe I'll just post tons of pictures and hope that it sates my wanting. I doubt that.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Mary Katrantzou for Topshop.

Happy Valentine's day, everyone! Or "single's awareness day", if you prefer that. Either way, I hope you had a lovely day filled with chocolate and hugs. I demand that you treat yourself to chocolate if you haven't had any. It makes any day much more awesome.

What better way to send off? a day of loveliness with some eye-catching prints by Mary Katrantzou? I am in love with this collection and can see myself drooling for them on the Topshop website when it releases. Too bad the dresses are in the 700 dollar range. Ouch. How lovely are these looks, though?

I'm thinking that the pants and blouses may be a bit more affordable than the dresses. If so, that blouse. Yum.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

carousel dreams.

(Top - thrifted, skirt - Forever 21, bag - vintage, socks - Urban Outfitters, wedges - Jeffrey Campbell)

Had an amazing time at the park where we picked wildflowers, threw them in the air, hiked, and admired all the greenery! Some of my favorite shots were taken there. Then we traipsed around the beach area where we died of the cold, and I proceeded to buy way too much stuff. Again! Yay! :) I promise this will be the last for awhile. Reallly.

I finally got myself a pair of these socks and I don't know whether or not I am made to wear them. I guess trying out something new isn't so bad? I finally had the chance to wear the top I thrifted as well, and you can see how big it is. Nothing a belt can't fix ;)

I will end this rambling with a comment on how much I love my new camera lens. It is amazing.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

crowns and colour.

Tumblr is the mecca for finding tons and tons of inspiring and ethereal images. Here is a compilation of crowns (a recent obsession? interest? of mine) and rainbow/multi-coloured hair (another pretty thing to look at!)

Sunday, February 5, 2012

closet overload.

Some new things I picked up today :)

The shorts and flatform sandals are from Urban Outfitters, and the printed tunic top thing is thrifted! I guess I'm planning ahead for warmer weather already. I almost indulged my every whim when I was browsing things at UO...good thing I didn't.

I actually went out to two Targets this morning to find Jason Wu for Target stuff...needless to say, all the smaller sizes were gone. Eek. I guess this stuff makes up for it :P

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

asos s/s 2012!

Here are a couple of looks from the ASOS Spring/Summer 2012 lookbook! It was hard to choose a few of them to showcase. I especially love the first two...

The lookbook seems to touch on Spring's trends! Sheer, neon, prints. Tons and tons of prints. Which do you like? :)