Sunday, February 12, 2012

carousel dreams.

(Top - thrifted, skirt - Forever 21, bag - vintage, socks - Urban Outfitters, wedges - Jeffrey Campbell)

Had an amazing time at the park where we picked wildflowers, threw them in the air, hiked, and admired all the greenery! Some of my favorite shots were taken there. Then we traipsed around the beach area where we died of the cold, and I proceeded to buy way too much stuff. Again! Yay! :) I promise this will be the last for awhile. Reallly.

I finally got myself a pair of these socks and I don't know whether or not I am made to wear them. I guess trying out something new isn't so bad? I finally had the chance to wear the top I thrifted as well, and you can see how big it is. Nothing a belt can't fix ;)

I will end this rambling with a comment on how much I love my new camera lens. It is amazing.


  1. Gorgeous photos! And great outfit as well, I'm so jealous you can wear knee highs and look so chic! Did you belt the blouse or is it like that? I really like it and Brandy and Melville is such a cute store, I actually stepped foot in one for the first time a few days ago.

    1. Aww, thanks so much! I belted the blouse because it looked shapeless without one.

      And I agree, Brandy and Melville is so cute! Did you go to one in San Diego? (:

    2. Actually they have a store in Ala Moana mall here in Hawaii. I have no idea why I never noticed it before, I will be honest though that the quality looks a little shoddy but the way they layer and style everything is fabulous and appealing.

  2. hey!
    just wanted to ask if it was actually in the mall in San Diego, but i got my answer by reading comments!
    just found it fun because i'm from france and i was in this mall (can't remember the name) last summer!! :)
    see yaa