Sunday, February 26, 2012

Starships were meant to fly!

(Sheer lace and chiffon top - Shakuhachi, tank - Forever 21, shorts - Urban Outfitters, bag - Urban Outfitters, shoes - Jeffrey Campbell Cuffed)

So in an earlier adventure post I wrote that I didn't get to go to Urth Caffe, nor to Umami Burger. Today I managed to go to both places at once! It seems like I blog about food a lot...but you know, eating is such a social thing. The lattes and cappuccinos at Urth were so pretty! It was hard for me to drink mine, but...I'm kinda-sorta-definitely addicted to coffee. It was pretty good. The place was also full of orchids and I managed to take pictures of most of them. I really don't know how that happened...

So these shorts are a part of the three pairs(!) that I bought in the last few weeks. Yes, yes, I know. I am on a shorts kick. What can I say? They're just so comfortable to wear, and when the weather starts heating up I'm sure they'll be all that I'm going to be wearing. See how I rationalize my purchases? Sigh. I couldn't resist these, though! They have this velvet and lace accent on the sides...which you can't see in the photos. Oops.

I love fun days like these. It's late. Goodnight. <3


  1. the caffee looks amazing, i'd like one:) and you are so pretty, i love your outfit, especially shoes and shorts:)
    and three pair of shorts? i am envious! show them:)

    1. Aw, thank you very much! You are way too sweeet :)

      And I shall take pictures of them...eventually!

  2. So of course I love your shoes ;) I actually like the whole outfit, everything just about looks great together and the bag has the really neat detailing.