Sunday, February 19, 2012

you cast a spell on me.

(Ombre denim jacket - Forever 21, striped shirt - Urban Outfitters, black hi-low skirt - some store on Melrose, boots - Steve Madden)

I made DIY bokeh filters and had a little (too much) fun with them! I want to get paper punches and try different shapes. I wonder if they will work?

The pictures were taken when it was VERY VERY windy outside, which accounts for all the dramatic skirt-blowing pictures and windswept hair. Oh, and that picture where my arm is at a weird freaky angle? Sorry. Being double-jointed at the elbow will do that. ;)

I never really purchased denim items (save for jeans...of course), but this jacket was too cool to resist. The ombre fade makes it a little bit more difficult to style, but it is a fun piece to wear. I just need to be a little more creative!

I am a bit obsessed with all things Shakuhachi/Stolen Girlfriends Club at the moment...and it is taking all of my self control not to splurge. Maybe I'll just post tons of pictures and hope that it sates my wanting. I doubt that.

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  1. You look beautiful sweetie!
    Fashionhypnotised girl