Saturday, March 24, 2012

LA photo diary.

Hello, LA :) Had a fun time roaming around with Emily! I feel terrible at the moment (being sick never feels that great...yuck) and I'm hoping that it'll go away soon. Hope you're having fun!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

nail polishes.

The other day I took photos of some of my favourite nail polishes. Now that I look at it, there are tons of glitter and shimmer ones! I like sparkles. :)

What are your favorites?

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Enamored with Rachel Comey!

So Rachel Comey is a pretty awesome designer that makes both clothing and shoes! I shall focus on some of her shoes, because...I love these. Bahahah. Aren't they gorgeous?! The blue pair even shares the same name with me! Or my alias, anyway. I like to imagine what it would be like to wear it. Unfortunately for myself (and other people, I assume), the shoes are bit on the pricey side. About $400+ a pop! As much as I like shoes, I don't think I can ever justify spending that much for a pair of shoes.

Who knows, though, I may eat my words in a couple of years. We'll see when that time comes. :)

(Photos credit to; Clockwise from left: Rachel Comey Demeter, Rachel Comey Ace, Rachel Comey Pegasus)

Sunday, March 11, 2012

some more loot.

An aggregate of my purchases for the past two? weeks. :)

A new swimsuit! I've been complaining over and over to anyone who would listen (namely my friends...ehehe) that I needed a new one badly. So when I saw this on the Urban Outfitters website, I gave in! It sold out really quickly so I'm glad I didn't hesitate. I think the bustier top is something special!

A Mink Pink bustier crop top for layering. This one is plainer and made of cotton so it will most likely get more wear than my velvet one. In the words of friends: "Don't you already HAVE a black bustier top??" Yes....but this one is different. Cough.

Some pajama-esque floral print pants that are really comfortable! I can't wait to wear them out. They're so fun! :)

And random accessories and a casual jacket from Forever 21.

My favorite purchase at the moment? The awesome nail polish!! It's called Candy Shop by Deborah Lippmann and it is packed FULL of glitter. The formula is top notch, too! It set me back almost $20 (yikes), but I love it so much. I think it's the most expensive polish I've ever purchased.

Anyone buying spring-y things for their wardrobe? What are you obsessed with right now? (:

Saturday, March 10, 2012

I see us on a beach down in Mexico.

(Top - Forever 21, shorts - Urban Outfitters, flatform sandals - Urban Outfitters, cuffs - Forever 21)

Really random photos to share with you today! :) Yummy desserts and coffee...and my very springy/summery outfit. I love the pattern mixing! I feel like any other plain top would take away the whimsicality of the combination. I want to try more pattern combinations! Any ideas?

At the moment I'm putting Big Bang's Fantastic Baby on repeat...yikes. So addicting.

I have a few purchases I need to take photos of..expect that in a post later! Thank you, as always, for reading <3 I am not coherent today. Oops.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012


(Jacket - Forever 21, sweater - Urban Outfitters, silk shirt worn inside - Nordstrom, dress - Cotton On, tights - Urban Outfitters, Jeffrey Campbell Litas)

Just a few snapshots from the past couple of days. On Sunday I met up with my awesome friend Alice to catch up over some coffee, and this is a picture of the arm candy she was wearing. Aren't they awesome?! It was nice talking to her again! She also gave me a box full of magazines that I have yet to find room for....

The Kite Runner. It is a riveting book that I encourage everyone to get their hands on and read. I will refrain from discussing it here in fear that I will divulge too many details, really is a great book. You will be enlightened. :)

So this week has been full of midterms for me and yet I had time to go eat lunch with my friend during our break. She took these photos for me. She deserves praise. It was a somewhat gloomy day but the flowers were so pretty...I hope they brighten up your day!

Oh, and walking in Litas at school warrants looks from passerby, but who cares? ;)