Tuesday, March 6, 2012


(Jacket - Forever 21, sweater - Urban Outfitters, silk shirt worn inside - Nordstrom, dress - Cotton On, tights - Urban Outfitters, Jeffrey Campbell Litas)

Just a few snapshots from the past couple of days. On Sunday I met up with my awesome friend Alice to catch up over some coffee, and this is a picture of the arm candy she was wearing. Aren't they awesome?! It was nice talking to her again! She also gave me a box full of magazines that I have yet to find room for....

The Kite Runner. It is a riveting book that I encourage everyone to get their hands on and read. I will refrain from discussing it here in fear that I will divulge too many details, but...it really is a great book. You will be enlightened. :)

So this week has been full of midterms for me and yet I had time to go eat lunch with my friend during our break. She took these photos for me. She deserves praise. It was a somewhat gloomy day but the flowers were so pretty...I hope they brighten up your day!

Oh, and walking in Litas at school warrants looks from passerby, but who cares? ;)


  1. Guess who is following your blog! Your awesome friend :) Ha!

    Hope your midterms go well!

  2. totally amazing photos! I like every single one:) and you look gorgeous, honey ♥

  3. Beautiful pictures ~ I need to get my hands on some litas ♥ Can't imagine jumping in them though! haha :)