Sunday, April 1, 2012

shot me out of the sky.

(Shirt- DIY dip-dye, shorts - Urban Outfitters, tights - Nordstrom, wedges - Jeffrey Campbell)

It seems like I name my blog post titles after songs! It just happens when I have a song stuck in my head and it sounds cool. :)

Another adventure of was finally not too cold to visit the beach! We've been meaning to go for ages but it was either too windy, too cold, or both. The only bad thing about the sun is that my photos look really washed out, but I guess that's just a minor thing compared to staying warm.

I didn't know what to wear yesterday (imagine that..) so I just wore the shirt I dip-dyed as an afterthought. I didn't want the dye to go to waste, so..there it is. Oh, and the shorts are one of the three I said I went crazy and bought! I can't wait to wear it without tights :)

There are soooo many things I have to post here! I guess I better get to it.

Hope you have a lovely day!


  1. this is so summerish!! the second photo is totally shouting SUMMER HOLIDAY! wow, amazing photos dear! and you look fantastic:)

  2. Haha I love "One Thing" as's been stuck in my head for a while :P By the way, beautiful pictures!