Wednesday, May 9, 2012

hot summer.

(Dress (worn inside) - Cotton On, chiffon dress - Cameo, boots - Steve Madden, watch - La Mer)

Technically it's not summer yet, but it's getting to feel like it. Hot temperatures mean everyone's bringing out their sandals and shorts, and walking around in tank-tops! Case in point: I saw lots and lots of people wearing said outfit at school today. One of those rare moments where I decided to lug around my heavy bag (ugh) and DSLR. My back doesn't thank me, but at least I have pretty photos to show you?

Do you remember seeing this dress not too long ago? ;) I made it my mission to wear all my new things because the weather has been pretty warm. I think I succeeded...unless I am forgetting some odd purchase hidden somewhere in my drawer. I've also been on a techie binge, so I have a new Fujifilm Instax and a smartphone to play with. Yay me.

Hot temperatures mean wanting to just throw on a dress and calling it a day! I hope I don't have too many of those lazy moments this summer. Hope you're enjoying yours? :)

p.s. This post was also named after a certain f(x) song...that will most likely be on rotation again this summer. Not to mention that I will probably dance along at the SM Town concert in two weeks. Can I get a 'heck yeah'?


  1. I absolutely love the sheer/chiffon dress! You make it look great ~
    So lucky! Getting to go to the SMtown concert :c

  2. very lovely photos!!:) you look amazing <3

  3. in love with your chiffon dress! xx

  4. love your outfit, so lovely and unique. i haven't seen a shirt/dress like that before!