Thursday, June 21, 2012

there's just one life to live.

(Top - Marshall's, bustier worn underneath - Mink Pink, high-waist shorts - American Eagle, necklaces - vintage and Forever 21)

Another exploration day! This one was different because it was to tour my soon-to-be University...It was really an engaging experience as it was all new to my eyes! Everything was so picturesque and I can't wait to be there for the entire experience when school commences again.

Also dropped by Urth Caffe for dinner as it was really nearby...HELLO KITTY LATTE ART. That was a new one. It was really cute and E did not want to drink it as it was "too cute". Sadly, it turned into a blob afterward...but good thing I immortalized it with a picture?

Fun times were had during the outing and of course, after it. This outfit kept me pretty cool while walking and climbing stairs...not to mention comfortable enough to handle all my food eating, too.

Um, trying to write a coherent blog post at 2 AM is not cutting it. Why am I even up this late? My sleeping schedule is all sorts of messed up :(

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