Sunday, July 15, 2012

windy florals.

(Dress - Shakuhachi, cuffs - Forever 21, Sam Edelman Trina sandals)

Meep. I do acknowledge that I have neglected this blog for a full two weeks, but I am back! And alive! I've been either 1) lazy, 2) uninspired, 3) working, or 4), all of the above. I will make more effort in posting more! I promise!

Finally wore out my Shakuhachi dress I got in late May? Yes. The only bad thing that I did not have the wisdom to foresee is that...the dress is very flippy. Which means that wind or general walking around with a breeze = dress flying everywhere. Next time I will be cautious and wear other things underneath it!!

These photos were taken near the beach, where it was cloudy. Very cloudy. It made for some pretty photos, but..the cold and winds were not as fun for a summer day. Oh well, there's always next time?

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