Monday, August 13, 2012

a getaway; part one

Day one of my SD getaway trip consisted of a myriad of different activities that may or may not have revolved around some appetizing food. ;)

Photos in descending order:
1. A house special at Hash House a Go Go, consisting of eggs and mashed potatoes and biscuit and just delicious food. Their portions are the biggest I've ever seen...the four of us got so full eating it.
2. Some pretty railing/building that I just had to take a photo pretty!
3. My new Prada sunglasses that I found randomly during a browse-through at Loehmann's. We were meant to be. It was just sitting there ~waiting for me~. At least, that's what I keep telling myself.
4. Sunglasses goodness.
5. Traipsing down a dirt cliff to join Y and E on the lower bank of the cliff. Beautiful sunset viewing!
6. My trusty casual AE cutoffs and breezy MINKPINK blouse I probably purchased last year. Travelling and exploring = casual clothing.

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