Friday, September 28, 2012

shoe dilemmas.

(From left to right- Miista, Miista, Senso "Sophia")

So a recent dilemma that I have run into is proper choice of footwear. Since I am constantly running down/up hilly terrain and/or stairs, practical shoes are a choice to save my poor, poor feet from suffering. I may or may not have suffered various painful situations for me to have come to this conclusion. Though I am quite happy about the abundance of built-in exercise that uni provides me, I dread walking great distances with painful shoes.

Therefore, I have been perusing the internet quite obsessively to find the most stylish FLAT (up to two inches, *cough*) shoes available for painless walking. Miista's amazing amazing AMAZING brogues do just that. It is currently something I drool over, because I haven't yet been able to justify spending a pretty penny on them. Commence heart-wrenching sobs now. The blush-pink Senso boots are also really versatile, and looks like it won't be *too* painful to wear around campus.

Hi, I sound like a shoe addict. I probably am.


  1. gosh i love those brogues! :) x