Tuesday, July 30, 2013

celebrations, albeit belated.

(Outfit: Mesh embroidered bedjacket - Forever 21, Mesh embroidered crop top - Urban Outfitters, black bustier (worn underneath) - MINKPINK, red suede high-waist shorts - Forever 21, studded sandals - Topshop)

I actually had the photos from this impromptu beach outing/photoshoot thing for a couple of weeks. Oops. I finally got the chance to edit and resize all of the photos! I think that I haven't been so creative with my outfits and I am feeling the guilt from not updating as frequently as I should. Haven't worn out that bedjacket in ages so I thought I'd integrate it into my outfit for the day. Mesh on mesh :P

The photos were actually taken the day before my birthday, and it was really funny once I'd realized that I had been at the exact same beach on the same day the previous years. I guess old habits die hard? Nothing like the salty ocean air to put your mind at ease :)