Tuesday, July 30, 2013

celebrations, albeit belated.

(Outfit: Mesh embroidered bedjacket - Forever 21, Mesh embroidered crop top - Urban Outfitters, black bustier (worn underneath) - MINKPINK, red suede high-waist shorts - Forever 21, studded sandals - Topshop)

I actually had the photos from this impromptu beach outing/photoshoot thing for a couple of weeks. Oops. I finally got the chance to edit and resize all of the photos! I think that I haven't been so creative with my outfits and I am feeling the guilt from not updating as frequently as I should. Haven't worn out that bedjacket in ages so I thought I'd integrate it into my outfit for the day. Mesh on mesh :P

The photos were actually taken the day before my birthday, and it was really funny once I'd realized that I had been at the exact same beach on the same day the previous years. I guess old habits die hard? Nothing like the salty ocean air to put your mind at ease :)


  1. I like your outfit! And I totally understand about the "not being creative with my outfits = no posting" but I think that since it's your personal blog, you should be able to post whatever you like, even if they're not the most trendiest outfits! : ) I look forward to reading more of your posts : >

  2. Love your style!! Especially fell in love with the mesh top!! You styled it really well!! Check out our fun styles as well which you will love!


    xx, The Golden Girls