Tuesday, October 29, 2013

shimmer & florals.

(Leather-sleeve jacket - Lamb & Flag, Embellished crop top - Forever 21, Black bustier (worn underneath) - MINKPINK, Floral chiffon shorts - Stolen Girlfriends Club, heart tights - Forever 21, 'Arthur' oxfords - Messeca)

Wore out my favorite shorts today! Weather a bit breezy and chilly? No problem, just add a trusty basic (this is my definition of basic, ahahahha) jacket over your summery ensemble and you're good to go!

I look terribly bleh and tired in the photos..I'm glad to see that my current physical condition translated SO WELL into the photos. I'll be sure to try and look more presentable next time. :P

Today I walked behind two well-dressed friends and almost wanted to ask to take their picture. I refrained, though, because I was running to class for a midterm, and I did not have any sort of camera with me. Ah well, at least their outfits are freshly ingrained into my memory.

Saturday, October 26, 2013

furry ears.

(Cat beanie - H&M, Intarsia Cardigan - Urban Outfitters from a couple years ago, Distressed overall dress - Somedays Lovin', Top - Urban Outfiters, Monk strap shoes - Vagabond)

A few new things that have joined my other clothes in the warddrobe. I stalked this overall dress ever since I saw it in the Urban Outfitters catalog a couple months back, and jumped on the change to purchase it for 50% off the sale price. Yay! Deals! The price was far kinder to my wallet than its retail price tag would have been.

I didn't necessarily need the beanie as it wasn't THAT cold, but it has cat ears! Judging from my previous post and this one, it would seem that I have a cat obsession...which may or may not be true ;)

Also, can I end this post raving about these shoes? I would wear them every day if I could. It's hilarious how obsessed I am over them. Good buy?

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

sweater weather!

(Sweater - Brandy & Melville, Shorts - Random store on Melrose, Cat face tights - Forever 21, Booties - Steve Madden, Saddle Bag - Dooney & Bourke, Necklace - Forever 21) (Many thanks to SW for the photos!!)

Opened the blinds this morning to see that it was overcast and cloudy; a thought I immediately had was, sweaters!! Today I got to pull out a sweater (nevermind that it was one of my thinner sweaters) to wear. I also chose to wear my awesome cat-face printed tights, because cats.

There is a hill across from my apartment that overlooks the street, AND has a bunch of lovely flower bushes. It was spontaneously decided upon as the photo background for today, but I quite like the effect! Enjoy a few pictures of me being silly (as always). I felt like a Queen overlooking her lands...ha ha ha. :P

Monday, October 21, 2013

tree friend.

(Scarf - Forever 21, Top - Urban Outfitters, Shorts - Forever 21, Monk strap shoes - Vagabond)

Thought I'd jolt some life into my terribly neglected blog with a picture of my new shoes (I love them!!!) and the outfit I wore to school today. The scarf was added as an afterthought, but it was really cold in the shade! The temperature difference is really odd and I'm not sure whether or not I should wear longer layers or shorter ones.

You can now see the different colors in my hair, and it looks something like a parfait, does it not? :P Most of the purple(pink, not sure) has washed out, but you can see a tint of it still! It definitely makes me feel like I'm adding something to my outfits, even if I'm not wearing anything particularly special.

These shoes. They were purchased from Urban Outfitters a week or so ago when they had the big 50% off all sale items, and I have not regretted my purchase since. They are so comfortable. Since my beloved creepers have died and gone off to shoe-afterlife (R.I.P) I was on the lookout for comfortable, versatile black shoes. I did toy with the idea of getting another pair of creepers, but settled for these monk strap shoes instead. Best idea ever.