Tuesday, October 29, 2013

shimmer & florals.

(Leather-sleeve jacket - Lamb & Flag, Embellished crop top - Forever 21, Black bustier (worn underneath) - MINKPINK, Floral chiffon shorts - Stolen Girlfriends Club, heart tights - Forever 21, 'Arthur' oxfords - Messeca)

Wore out my favorite shorts today! Weather a bit breezy and chilly? No problem, just add a trusty basic (this is my definition of basic, ahahahha) jacket over your summery ensemble and you're good to go!

I look terribly bleh and tired in the photos..I'm glad to see that my current physical condition translated SO WELL into the photos. I'll be sure to try and look more presentable next time. :P

Today I walked behind two well-dressed friends and almost wanted to ask to take their picture. I refrained, though, because I was running to class for a midterm, and I did not have any sort of camera with me. Ah well, at least their outfits are freshly ingrained into my memory.

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