Thursday, November 21, 2013

the places I've been.

So I disappeared off the edge of the Earth but I'm not gone! School is starting to crank up its intensity as it nears the start of the holidays; that means lots and lots of papers and work to do. Eep.

I haven't really posted pictures of my surroundings in awhile and thought I'd take a few pictures. I have been running around getting to meetings and snapped a few while exploring (read: trying to find the office) the area. Can you spot a place you know? ;)
Edit: I just noticed it has been long past the 2nd anniversary of my blog. Happy 2nd birthday, blog! I'm sorry I don't pay you enough attention but I promise I still keep you in my thoughts <3 Thank you for reading, everyone!

And also, I need to resize the pictures from previous posts because apparently they're all different sizes. Good going, me...