Monday, December 9, 2013

ahoy there!

Ahoy there, mate-ys. So, I have recently come down with the flu (or cold, not really sure which) and have been ailing the past couple of days. Maybe the last week. The best part about that is I am currently in finals week! Hurrah! Best time to get sick, really. I am very much enjoying the change of voice and coughing and sniffling that comes with being sick (can you tell I'm being sarcastic? :P)

To compensate, here is another photo cube comprised of snaps I've taken over the past couple of months. Those star cookies? SO GOOD. Minty and taste just like Thin Mints, if you're into the whole Girl's Scout cookie thing. You can get a box at Trader Joe's. I highly recommend them.

Some scenery photos from the places I've managed to go the past couple of months...the beach is always a great place to rejuvenate and refresh your thoughts :)

Wish me luck as I take on a week full of things to do! Here's hoping my immune system works properly this time...

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