Monday, December 2, 2013

wishlist wishlist!

(Topshop embroidered sweat, Topshop velvet & glitter heels, Wildfox Couture Luna Sunglasses, Cameo Real Life Short)

Created a personal lust-list composed of items that I have been stalking for weeks (maybe even months), and some that I came across less than a week ago.

Florals! A girl just can't have enough. When I first laid my eyes on Cameo's Grand National collection, I screamed. Well, screamed silently to myself, but it was a scream nevertheless :P Since I tend to gravitate towards shorts, I was really happy to find that they had indeed included a shorts silhouette in the gorgeous print seen above.

I guess this post is like a semi-wishlist of sorts? Maybe you'll see me in these items in the future...a girl can wish, right?

1 comment:

  1. AHH I love all the prints! SO PRETTTTTYYY! : 3 Topshop has the best stuff!! Cameo's prints are insanely beautiful! I wish I could have their entire collection as well >___<