Friday, January 10, 2014

early blooms.

(Embroidered floral top - Topshop, red skinnies - Forever 21, Monk strap shoes - Vagabond, chain necklace - Forever 21, Quilted bag - Vintage)

First post of the new year! I think the weather has been so mild that the trees are blooming...which is weird, because it really seems like a far too early time for them to bloom. Where will the flowers be when it is actually springtime?! Maybe I'm just mistaken and this tree is just an early bloomer, but still :P I love these magnolia blossoms! They make my walk to classes much brighter and I love looking up at them.

Do you remember seeing this top in one of my wishlist posts earlier? ;) After coveting it for months, it is finally mine! It is even better in person and I want to wear it every day. I've already worn it two days in a row (shh...outfit repeating isn't that serious of an offense, I swear!!) I can't wait to wear it with other combinations from my warddrobe. I just need to experiment more, I suppose.

Going to school three days a week and then an internship for the other two is going to make my schedule really hectic, but I promise to try! Besides, how else will I share my recent acquisitions? I feel like it's something I can do on my blog because, well, that is the purpose of a fashion blog. Gushing about clothes. Reminds me of a lecture I had just earlier today about advertisements and change to a consumer culture...but I digress.

Hope your friday goes smooth and well! It's friday! Enjoy your weekend :)

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  1. Lovely pictures! Your top is to dieeee for! OMG IT'S SO NICE! I look forward to seeing other combinations with this sweatshirt : ) Goodluck with your internship and school! I'm sure you'll ace it all! After all, your blog is called an ace affair HEHEHEHE