Wednesday, February 12, 2014


(Embroidered kimono jacket - Urban Outfitters, Top - Forever 21, Necklace - Forever 21, Asymmetrical print skort - Topshop (gift from the bf ♥), Shoes - Vagabond)

Only after these photos were taken were the words, "Why is my hair so puffy?!" uttered. I swear it wasn't like that this morning..or maybe it was, because it could have been like this all day. It's a reminder that my hair desperately needs a haircut.

Some new pieces to my wardrobe that I get to share! This kimono jacket was something I drooled over when it was added to the UO website and stores, and I scored it during one of the '50% off all sale' sales they were having. Patience is a virtue. I know sometimes I am quite impatient and buy things full price anyway, but for some things that you like but don't want to pay a pretty penny for...sales are your best friends. This skort was also a Christmas gift from the lovely SO (that I hardly mention here, but should I? :P) that I picked up when I went to Topshop to exchange another gift that I'd ordered online. I think it was quite a great decision. When I went to get it, there weren't any in my size...until a sales associate walked by and placed the skort (IN MY SIZE!!) on the rack. So, long story short, home with me it went.

Also, pouty faces and slouchiness. Don't slouch or you'll look incredibly awkward in photos, as evidenced above.


  1. Such a pretty outfit <3 Your boyfriend is so nice to have bought you the skort :))))) Sales really are the best, I think the only place I buy full price is from Forever21 'cause everything's already so cheap :)))

    1. hehe thank you~ It was a Christmas present so it was nice! :'D Ahaha Forever21 is the only store I don't really check for sales, come to think of it..