Monday, February 10, 2014

comfort days.

(Gold foil dinosaur fossil sweat - Forever 21, red pants - Forever 21, cat necklace - Nordstrom Rack, 'Arthur' oxfords - Messeca)

Sometimes there are those days when you have errands to run and classes to attend and the last thing on your mind is what you're going to be wearing that day. I happened to have one of those days today and went for comfort! Threw on this sweat top I happened to buy in December and have been wearing almost religiously since; it's really comfortable and spices it up a little bit. Perfect for those days when you don't want to be "boring" but also want to be comfortable.

These pants...are my go to pants. If you documented my outfit on the days I don't get to snap a photo, you would probably find me wearing them. They're so easy to throw on and go..for the meager price I paid for these (I think $25), I am definitely getting my money's worth. I know I'm not the only who has a full closet-worth of clothes, but end up reaching for the same pieces time and time again.

If this isn't my 'lazy day' outfit, I don't know what is :P Hope the pictures of the flowers brighten up your day! I pass by them every morning and I just stare at them for a good 30 seconds every time. Nothing like the beauty of nature to make you smile or appreciate the small things.

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