Friday, February 21, 2014

lace on lace.

(Lace embroidered top - Urban Outfitters *on sale here!*, Cutwork lace skirt - Topshop, Mini M.A.C. - Rebecca Minkoff, socks - Forever 21, Shoes - Vagabond)

Say hello to my lace and pastel explosion. Picked up this top over a month ago and now it's on sale, whereas it had stayed stashed in my drawer until now. Oh well :( I thought that the lace work on the top would play up the lace on the skirt..and here is the combo. It also helps that it is the perfect shade of pale lavender!

I'm quite loving the pastel-on-pastel tone of my outfit...even though pastels may seem like you're trying to be an easter egg, I feel like the lace in the outfit gives the perfect amount of delicacy to the overall look. Fashion is all about taking risks, right? ;)

Right after I took these photos I noticed that my skirt had some unfortunate discoloring, probably due to my negligence on placing it on a dusty surface. UGH. I washed it immediately and now I am hoping that no permanent damage is done! Here's to hoping that my skirt (currently drying on a hanger, not risking any solid surface now) comes out relatively unscathed from the ordeal.

School things are currently about to swallow me whole, so I apologize in advance if there aren't any new posts for awhile. I am making an effort, though! I really am!


  1. WAHH I had wanted to buy this top too but I don't think it's on sale up here : c Love the entire outfit, you are so spring appropriate ^^

  2. Love the lace on lace! I've always been too scared to try lace on lace but since seeing it on you, I'm gonna try it! I hope your skirt comes out unscathed, safe and pretty! And your mini M.A.C compliments the outfit so well! Love!

    1. Ahh, do try it and show me the results! :)