Friday, March 14, 2014

bell flowers.

(Silk embroidered top - Opening Ceremony, leather runner shorts - Topshop, boots - Steve Madden)

Some of the newest additions to my closet that I haven't had a chance to photograph yet. I purchased the shorts a month ago after spotting it on the Topshop website. After realizing that I had always wanted a pair of leather shorts (haha), I decided to go for it. They have a elasticated waist and are extremely comfortable to wear, which usually means that it was a great decision to purchase it.

This top! If I could wax poetic about it, I would. I spotted it on Need Supply for almost 1/3rd of the original price and had to snap it right up. The embroidery actually reminds me of the Phillip Lim pieces I recently mentioned (and will probably continue to mention, seeing as how I've brought it up again already) and has a lovely grey sheen to it. I'm so very glad that I decided to take the plunge and purchase it! I did also purchase another GORGEOUS top but unfortunately returned it as I didn't quite like the fit...I'm still telling myself that it was a good decision, because even clothes that fit slightly off don't get worn as much.

Okay, back to work! I just had to gush about today's outfit and now I must get back to doing studious things like I should be doing. Happy Friday! :)

P.S. That picture of me leaning awkwardly? I thought it was funny and now you can laugh at it, too. You're welcome!

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