Monday, May 5, 2014

Skimming the Surface - Wardrobe Edition

Some of my most recent acquisitions, although these three items barely skim the surface. I've splurged on a leather jacket (or two...), bought leather runner shorts, ordered vintage items from Etsy, among other things.

The floral patterned shirt was a find at a Goodwill when I was itching to go thrifting! I laugh and joke that it makes me look like an old grandpa, but it's so nice to wear when it's hot outside! The shorts I picked up via Etsy, and it fits a bit tightly, but I like it nonetheless. I think the reason why it fits like it does is because it's cut from a pair of men's jeans...and they don't really allow for someone who has an, uh, curvier hip area.

The lovely pea-green scuba material skirt is by Funktional! I bought it off Need Supply when it was on major sale, and I love how structured it is. I've seen a few floating around the web so if you like flippy skirts, go for it!

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