Thursday, June 19, 2014

online shopping hacks + a constant

It's been awhile! I've been overwhelmed with a lot of changes and haven't been able to update. The thing is, I have some time to dedicate to this blog as I now have a newly-minted B.A. degree under my belt! Even if things change, this blog is always here for me to update. So, this becomes an unchanging constant...for now. Ah, now to plunge into the difficulties of finding a job! Here's hoping that it goes somewhat successfully...

For those of you who online shop a lot, you most likely have your own methods of finding the best deals on things. Being resourceful is key! Out of those many resources, though, wishlists are very, very helpful in helping me getting a good deal on things that I actually want to buy. Take for example Urban Outfitters! I like to browse their website because they have a pretty good selection of things I want. Whenever I find something I am interested in, I immediately add it to my wishlist.
Whenever I do go back on UO (and I do this more often than I'd like to admit...), one of the first things I do is to log onto my wishlist and scan the things I have added. I use it as a tool to check if something that I have been interested in has gone on sale, and continue to do this until it has. Sometimes I will wait even if it does go on sale initially, because I know that the price will eventually drop lower! I've gotten many, many of the things I truly want this way and saved myself some money at the same time. Some things do sell out quickly if I don't act on them, but usually I end up realizing that I didn't really want it anyway.

I know that there are other websites out there that alert you when something you like goes on sale, and those are very helpful! But if you tend to shop at the same few stores and don't need to use their services, the wishlist function comes in very handy. It also helps weed out purchases that you don't REALLY like but get just because it is on sale, win!


  1. Well done on getting your B.A degree! :) I do exactly the same thing by adding things to my wishlist but then I eventually forget about the items I've stored in my wishlist XD

  2. Congrats on the degree! Still working hard (or hardly working) for mine...