Tuesday, January 6, 2015

prints on prints.

(Silk top - Kate Spade Saturday, Neoprene skirt - Funktional, Printed cardigan - H&M, Scarf - Random silk scarf)

Finally, finally, finally! A new outfit post for the new year. I'm kicking off a fresh new 2015 post by going back to something I am always for - print mixing! Initially I didn't think to wear the scarf with the busy cardigan, but it added a kick of color that I ended up really liking. Who knows, it might not be pretty to other people...but as long as you like it, right?

A new thing you might have noticed: my hair is shorter than before! I actually got it cut some months ago but it grows back so quickly. It should be back to its old length before you can blink :P

As always, thank you for reading...and checking back to see if I have posted anything! It means a lot and I will try my best to kick up the number of things I post.

1 comment:

  1. I love the print mix-up, you're so good at this! I look forward to seeing more outfits of the day in 2015! :))))