Friday, May 1, 2015

ethical fashion.

I don't know about you, but lately I have been very pensive about the sustainability and ethical responsibility of my clothing. Yes, I really like clothing; I'm a sucker for things from all our favorite fast fashion brands like Forever 21, Topshop, Zara - you name it. Lately, though, I haven't been purchasing things as much as I used to. Because I haven't been purchasing things as often as I used to, I have been thinking more about the impact the things I buy has on the planet we live on and the people we live amongst.

I'm definitely not alone when considering these things, because there are two up-and-coming brands who embrace those who want to consume responsibly!

Everlane is one of my favorite brands who sell chic, understated basics; and they are committed to transparency in where their clothing is made. I admire the brand not only for their designs, but also their commitment to changing how the apparel industry works.

My 3 Everlane Favorites: Silk Black Tank, Cashmere V-Neck, The Slim Trouser

StyleSaint is a site that I've followed from its beginnings. I discovered last year that they had launched a clothing line and my, are their designs amazing! I don't own any of their pieces yet, but I stalk them obsessively and will own one soon ;)
I especially love that their line is local (Los Angeles, woohoo~) and they are committed to being sustainable and ethical as they possibly can.
My 3 StyleSaint Favorites: Bella Button Down (in Sage), Adele Top (in Cobalt), Bridgette Skirt (in Slate)

I know that though I have this concern the things I will continue to buy will not always be so like-minded, but I will definitely make an effort to be more conscious about what I am choosing to consume.

Of course, there is always thrifting/vintage - there are SO MANY options out there, and I especially love finding luxe silk blouses for cheap that I can wear without worry. It's essentially recycling, and oftentimes cheaper for your wallet!

Moving forward, I'm definitely going to be more aware of what I choose to buy and if I *really* need the item. Better for me and better for my conscience (hahaha)!

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